Pearls of Knowledge (NGO)

Pearls of Knowledge (NGO) is a Charitable Christian NGO registered under the coordination board ACT registration No. OP.218/051/2008/0539/6025 with main objective as “Youth Educational Empowerment to enhance capacity and build self-reliance and independence

About - Us

About - Us

    Pearls of Knowledge NGO; Registered by NGO Coordination board vide Reg. No. op. 218/051/2008/0539/6025 have pioneered educational centre called Vision Empowerment Training Institute at Nairobi, registered by TIVETA Authority.

    Since its inception it has facilitated several community education initiatives in urban and rural areas targeting the youth as the main beneficiary. The NGO is committed to development for they recognize that development must come from within the community if it were to be sustainable. External effects should only facilitate the process already sets by the people themselves. At present, the NGO’S are negotiating with local and international bodies willing to set up a special fund that will be dedicated to the development and empowerment of the young people seeking to participate in various leadership positions in Kenya. The NGO is sponsoring girl/boy child education as a corporate responsibility and a means of giving back to society.


To bridge the gap between the poor and the rich by offering affordable education.


To create a self-reliant community by empowering youths with skills and knowledge and attitude.


Poverty eradication through education.


Restore hope through education in the society as one of the MDG’s towards vision 2030.







Capacity building and Trainings

Trainings on the importance of education particularly the girl child.

Agriculture and food security trainings also done to the most vulnerable communities hence ensuring Food and Nutrition security..

Water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)particularly in schools and TVET Colleges .A project initiated to identify households and schools on the importance of proper use of clean latrines and toilets, elimination of less notifyable diseases like Trachoma in the community.

Income Generating Activities and Micro-banking programmes with women

Agriculture and Food security

Forestry through Afforestation Initiatives aimed at Conservation agriculture and the use of drip irrigation, Water harvesting irrigation.

Climate Smart Agriculture at Kajiado and Mombasa Counties, Kenya. This being a youth out of school programme.

Livestock at kajiado , Machakos Counties.

Green House and Intercropping initiatives in Kajiado County.

Livestock through increased animal productivity & production initiatives and Manure management,Animal health control. In Kajiado and Machakos Counties.

HIV/AIDS Prevention , Treatment and Care

With the insurgence of the new infections particularly with the Youths Pearls of knowledge has embarked on an aggressive HIV/AIDS prevention interventions on the youths around Kajiado,Nairobi and Mombasa.This programmes are aimed at Zeroing (0%) HIV Transmissions among the populations.

The affected and the infected have also not being left out with an initiative aimed at capacity building the PLWHIV care givers with income generating skills and activities aimed at Improving food security,treatment and care.

Trainings on Adherance to ART focusing on both the caregivers,family members and the people living with HIV.

Educational Empowerment Programme.

Its activity of the foundation which aims at sponsoring Youths out of School with school fees for 2 years plus college textbooks. There are categories of Youths out of School.

  • 15% of form four leavers are bright students who scored high grades and are sponsored by the government through CDF, EDUCATIONAL FUNDS, BURSARIES ETC.
  • 35% are of well-to-do families in the University and study through parallel programs SSP.
  • 50% are needy students, they are not able to advance in life. Pearls of Knowledge (NGO) focuses on this group mainly girls. It pays school fees and text books for 2yrs in order to make the girls obtained the achieved status.






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